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    how to speed up android phone

    speed up even 512mb ram android phone

    Many Android users want to learn how to speed up an android phone. At first, let's go through with the reality. We run or watch deferent kind of machine in our practical life like the car engine, factory machine motorcycle etc.

    It will be more interesting if we can think about a motorcycle. A 100 cc motorbike can take about 200 kg highest kg If you take three passengers then how extra pressure can be created on this engine? 

    The bike engine will run into a big pressure and it lasting capacity will damage very soon if you run regularly with the extra load. And much internal demurrage will happen. To rescue from it, you have to do even servicing for your engine.
    I think you have understood the main point. 

    Now let's discuss how should we run our android.

    1.  Collect your favorite apk file in a folder or download from play store.
    2.  Think which apps are needed for you on regular basis. Always try to keep your regular apps limit within 5! 
    3.  Facebook app lover need to take some extra care like cleaning the apps cache, closing the apps after every time using, cleaning the whole apps data and signing again at least once in a week. 
    4.  If your android has too many defaults built-in apps then try to root and install only important apps you need to use. 
    5.  Irregular usable apps should install when needed and uninstall after using is a really good idea to fasten your android phone. 

    If you are a gamer or heavy user then you need to learn more to fasten your android. here is a quality article for you. 

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