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    How to read android sms on pc

    Great news! Now your mobile message can be seen on your computer very easily. 

    It's sometimes boring if we have to check something on a mobile phone when we work on the pc. 

    In this regard, the Android community has brought an amazing feature which is very easy to use. It's almost like web.whatsapp.com. 

    For this feature, you have to go messages.android.com and scan the appeared QR Code with your Android messaging app. 
    Here a technique can be used to see the massage without scanning the code again and again. Just ✔ remember this computer, then you can see the messages without informing your targeted phone! 

    You have to use the latest version of Android SMS by Google. 

    Here some screenshot for your better understanding.

    Step 1. Go to message app on your android phone.

    Step 2. Now tap on ... arrow and this menu will appear.

    Step 3. Now tap on your desired 'Message for web' and see the scanning option like web Whatsapp.

    So guys, Let's enjoy this amazing feature.