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    Best Tips to get Organic Traffic From USA

    This short and informative Article for those who know the importance of USA traffic and planning for Affiliate marketing in America. I believe you will love the article to get organic Google traffic from USA visitors and American blogs. Just follow these easy tricks.

    • 💦Be wise for Buying  Domain and Hosting. Buy a top level suitable domain for USA in .us,Otherwise use .com .net .org etc. Don’t buy other country specific domain extension like .au .co.uk .my .in etc. create a subdomain as usa.yourdomain… And put some keyword basis unique content here. Use American Server Basis Quality Hosting.

    • 💦Use USA Gmail Address for Webmaster Tools. That means you have to open a Gmail address with US IP, Then use this Gmail for Google SEO. If you are worried about creating and using Gmail in the USA, then feel free to ask in the below google+ comment box.I will refer you the easy tools. 😋
    • 💦Create Unique Social Media Accounts for the USA. It’s one of the most important tools to use specific Brand Facebook page, twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest Accounts. Try to create some local social media website Account, Knowem can help you for that. You also have to Open an account in  Slideshare .net and create some content related slide for sharing on SlideShare. It’s wise to use Facebook ads with Pixel and Twitter with Manageflitter.
    • 💦Use being Webmaster. As we know that Google is the Boss of a search engine. So should we avoid the other search engine? Never, keep in mind that A real  Boss always cares about minor one. So submit your site to second most used a search engine in America.
    • 💦Use hreflang Attributes and international Targeting in Google webmaster.  Use HTML hreflang Attribute and Language Code Reference to get proper signal from Google. You should know about hreflang attributes before using. Another important tool is to specify the targeted country in Google Search Console.
    • 💦Use Google Places, Trends and Bing Places and US/UK Citation sources.  Claim your website in Google Places, and fill up all related information such as address, phone number, etc. This will help Google to determine the location of your Blog/website.Citation sources are important credible tools to Google. If you really want the bulk of your visitors and traffic to be from US and UK, make sure of the list and submit your site immediately. Check out here
    • 💦Use US Local listings and American Classified Sites. You can get a sure way of more traffic from the USA by this Strategy. It works very well if your business is into sales, services, manufacturing e.t.c. To get the idea of doing it just ask me in the Google+ comment box below or search on google typing ‘US Local listings’  and ‘American Classified Sites’ and see the magic! You can get this kind of classified site for submitting your blog or website.  http://www.pennlive.com/placead/ http://www.freeadstime.com, http://www.mlive.com/placead/
    You can get more US Classified sites from here also

    • 💦Get credible backlinks from US sources: build Google friendly backlinks from the US hosted forum profiles. Try to get backlinks from country specific sites/domains e.g. http://imageshack.us/

    Note: This Article for those who knows about Niche topics selection and keyword research and who are planning to land on the world of Affiliate marketing or Digital Marketing.

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